Strawberry Lime Jar Fat Fit Go
Chocolate Fat Fit Go Sachet
Strawberry Lime Fat Fit Go Sachet
Chocolate Fat Fit Go Jar

Crush the Day & Explore with Energy

High fat, premium energy – Say hello to your newest little friend.

Explore with long lasting energy from premium, plant based and real food. High quality, blended fats including MCT and other nutrient dense super foods in every serving. Completely Paleo, Keto and Vegan. Peanut, Dairy, Sugar, Soy and Grain Free.

Perfectly Packaged for All Your Adventuring

Take your energy everywhere, nicely sealed and perfect for your pack.

Chocolate Fat Fit 10 Pack
Straw Lime Fat Fit 10 Pack

The Everywhere Snack

Don’t crash and burn with high carb options. Your body needs nutrient dense and high quality fats to run efficiently. Fat Fit Go has you covered.

Energy Everywhere

Fat Over Carbs

When you eat carbs, those carbs you’re consuming are simply broken down into sugars.

Think in historical terms, carbohydrate intake was very low until recently. Diseases associated with insulin resistance – primarily caused by excess consumption of refined carbs were rare.

The overwhelming evidence today: carbohydrate consumption has increased dramatically and we’re now witnessing enmasse that grains and sugars are the primary culprits behind obesity and diabetes (among many other health concerns).

The majority of fructose and dietary carbohydrates (grains that break down to sugar) consumed are stored as fat. This storage of fat leads to a bigger belly, decreased HDL, elevated triglycerides, elevated blood sugar and higher blood pressure. High carb intake raises insulin levels and prevents fat from being released (keeping you sluggish, hungry and perpetually fat).

Health Goals

Your health goals should first focus on the foods you consume. We believe that starting with a commitment to limiting carb intake while increasing the levels of fat you consume is an incredibly effective method.

Added Benefit: Many don’t get the ravenous food cravings with fat as a primary energy and fuel source (like most do on a high carb diet).

When you fuel with fats as an energy source you train your metabolism to use fats more efficiently. With decreased carb intake your body is programmed to utilize fat rather than storing it.

Burning dietary fat for fuel is your body’s optimal source of lasting energy and satiation (feeling full and satisfied on less).